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Google Strategy to Grab Internet Display Ads Business from Yahoo

September 18, 2009

Google had made a well planned strategy to grab Internet Display Advertising Business from Yahoo, a lucrative market that had long been enjoyed and dominated by Yahoo!. Google’s chief executive, Eric E. Schmidt, has said repeatedly that display advertising offers one of the company’s best prospects for expansion, now that growth in its text ad business has slowed significantly. The new advertising exchange is a cornerstone of Google’s display strategy, and one of the main reasons Google bought the ad company DoubleClick last year for $3.1 billion.

Google executives say the new system, called the DoubleClick Ad Exchange, will greatly simplify the process of buying and selling display advertising, allowing many more publishers and advertisers to benefit from it.

Currently Google finds itself in the unfamiliar role of underdog. As one of the Web’s biggest publishers, and a seller of ads on a network of top sites like eBay and hundreds of newspapers, Yahoo is the king of the display advertising business. In 2007 Yahoo bought Right Media, a pioneering ad exchange whose business has grown steadily since, in part because many of the ads that run on Yahoo are brokered through it.

Still, analysts say Google’s push into the business could shake up the market. DoubleClick has had an ad exchange for some time. But the new system will automatically allow hundreds of thousands of advertisers and publishers who now use Google’s AdWords and AdSense systems to run their ads and ad space through the exchange.

“Marketers are going to be able to effectively reach 100 percent of the Internet audience and do so at a high frequency,” said William Morrison, an analyst with ThinkEquity Partners. “That is very difficult to do on the Internet right now, outside of a handful of major Web sites like Yahoo and a few others.”

Ad exchanges have been hailed as the future of the industry for some time, yet Mr. Morrison said that they only account for between 10 and 15 percent of the display advertising business. He said it was unlikely that the DoubleClick exchange would catch up with Yahoo’s exchange within the next year. But the Google exchange could become dominant over the long term, especially among premium brand marketers and publishers, he added. (source: NYT)

How to Turn-Off Google Ads from your Google Mail

August 12, 2009

The Microsoft chieftain has been known to turn his nose up at the way Google targets ads on its Gmail service, accusing his bete noire of reading your email. Google does in fact read your email – or at least, Google machines do – and there’s nothing you can do about it. Short of using Hotmail. But a citizen blogger has noticed a roundabout way of fooling Google into disabling Gmail’s targeted ads.

As Joe McKay points out, Google turns off its sponsored links if an email mentions suicide, death, 9/11, and murder. Or other words to that effect.
Some real live Googlers were set to visit a “new media” class McKay was teaching at the University of California, Berkeley, and in preparation, he decided to actually read the Gmail fine print. He soon stumbled onto a sentence explaining that the web-based email service would refrain from posting ads if a message contained certain content. According to the Gmail page, Google filters “block ads from running next to messages about catastrophic events or tragedies, erring on the side of not displaying an ad if the content is questionable.”

Sure enough, when McKay sent a short message to his own Gmail account and tagged it with the post script “suicide death 9/11 murder,” the ads disappeared. At first, the trick didn’t work with longer messages. But then he added more tragedy. And it did. According to his calculations, the ads disappear if there’s a tragic mention every 167 words. This also works, McKay says, with some (but not all) of the words on George Carlin’s famous list of seven things you can’t say on television.

“To ensure a quality user experience for all Gmail users, we avoid showing ads reflecting sensitive or inappropriate content by only showing ads that have been classified as ‘Family-Safe,'” reads the About Gmail page.

Google has not responded to our request for comment.

And so, McKay has discovered that if you have a friend on Gmail, you can turn off their targeted ads by sending them messages littered with morbidity and filthy name calling. He does realize this is far from the perfect ad blocker, but he likes it that way. “I’m an artist,” says McKay, now an assistant professor of new media at Purchase College, State University of New York, “so I like the awkwardness of the hack. You get completely free email, but you have to pay for it with unspeakable words.”

But if you’re interested in stripping the ads from your friends’ email clients without offending their delicate sensibilities, you can do so. Simply add the trigger words in white text on white background – and hope your friends don’t search for c***suckers.

Striking Internet Oil the Prosperly Way

July 18, 2009

Prosperly Way

If you’re like me you have the dream to own your own internet business. That was my dream many years ago. I could tell that working for someone else was not for me. I had a very hard time with authority and people telling me what to do and when to do it. I literally went through a new job on average every 3 months. I’m sure it concerned my wife a little but I was not willing to accept the misery I was feeling working for other people.

During that time I had educated myself in search engine optimization and decided to take the plunge and start my own SEO company. The company quickly became a financial success for me as I was making over $10,000 a month. The company was also taking up a lot of my time and was very labor intensive. If I wanted to make more money, I was required to take on more clients and work more hours. I didn’t feel successful because I was working a full time job the time for the income I was making. I was self employed but my clients were my boss. I needed to become a business owner.

Success for me is measured by freedom. Not just financial freedom but freedom from obligations like work and other time commitments. I want to come and go as I please and work on my schedule. If I want to go to a movie during the day then I think I should be able to. If I want to go home and spend time with my kids then I should be able to. I like to golf and if I get the desire to golf on a beautiful day that happens to be a weekday I should be able to do it. That is the freedom I am talking about. I believe in working hard and getting things done, but I want it on my terms.

I quickly realized that although my internet company was a success I knew there had to be a better way to earn a great living online. Through much research, many pitfalls and a lot of hard work the Prosperly Way was born (It wasn’t called that back then). I figured out that I could run one or more internet businesses that would make money for me whether I was sitting at a desk or not. I knew I was onto something life changing and over the years I developed a system that allows me the freedom I always wanted with the income that I deserve. Now I want to pass this priceless knowledge onto you.

Prosperly Websites

There a millions of ideas out there that you could use to start an internet business. And everyone I talk to has at least one idea that they would like to take online. I always encourage everyone with an idea to try it out. You have so much to gain and so little to lose. In order to live the Prosperly way, we have come up with a list of specific characteristics that define a “Prosperly Website”. You should always try your best to implement these characteristics when purchasing or starting an internet business.

First let me explain our philosophy. Our philosophy is that the real value of a website is not how much profit it makes, but how much profit a website makes divided by how much time it takes you to run the website.

Profit over Time

Profit over Time

Let’s say you own two websites. Site A makes $4,000 a month and it takes you 40 hours a week to run. On the other hand Site B brings in $1000 a month and only takes you 2 hours a week to run.



The Real Value of the Site A is $25 per hour worked.

The Real Value of the Site B is $125 per hour worked.

This may or may not seem obvious to you but Site B is much more valuable. Think of it this way, if you owned 4 sites that performed just like Site B you would have revenue of $4000 a month but only be working 8 hours a week to accomplish this, instead of the 40 hours a week that Site A would require. That means you would have an extra 32 hours a week making the same income as Site A. What would you do with the extra 32 hours a week?

Site B is a Prosperly Website.

Our goal at Prosperly is to teach you how to take your existing website or create a new internet business and turn it into a website that is a Prosperly Website. If you can create a full time income online with Prosperly Websites, then you will finally have the freedom and live as you want to live. You can travel the world, spend time with your family and do everything you wanted to do in life. Our guide will help anyone with any type of internet business, but our goal is to help you get the freedom as we define it to live life as it should be lived.

Exit Strategy

We have come to realize that Prosperly websites have a very high resale value. It seems that everyone wants to get their hands on these automated money makers, and they will pay a premium too. Within a 1 month span of 2009 we sold 3 of our Prosperly websites for a total that we are to embarrassed to even talk about (it was that high).

We have created some awesome website flipping tools that we have used over the last year to find these websites that were in major need of TLC but had the right traits to quickly fix them up and turn them into Prosperly websites.

These tools allow us to quickly evaluate websites, find hidden gems on the verge of being big money makers, and tools to help us optimize and increase rankings of websites we buy.

Whenever I show friends these tools the first thing they say is “can you send me the link to that?” We have never made these tools available to anyone else because we never really thought we should and because we have been too busy developing them and using them to make money for ourselves.

Step 1: How to make Money Online

July 18, 2009

Almost every single person who has not started their own website asks me, “what can I do to get started.”

This is the answer to that question. We are going to teach you exactly what we suggest to anyone who wants to build a successful internet business. Whether you want to flip websites or just build valuable internet businesses I think this will help.

Here is the first List:

1. Evaluate Your Interests and Skills – One of the first things we tell people when they come to us wanting to start an internet business is this:

1. Get a piece of paper.
2. Draw a line down the center of it.
3. On one side write “Interests” on the top of the page.
4. On the other side write “Things Im good at” on the top of the page
5.Now fill in the list on both sides.

The “interests” list should be things like hobbies, things you really enjoy doing or reading about.

If you are starting an internet business, you definitely want to go into something you have an interest in. One person I was helping get started came to me and told me they had already started 3
websites and we’re looking for more. One of the websites was a site about dogs.

I asked him why he started that website and he told me he thought there was potential there. “Well are you a dog lover?” I asked. He said not really. “Do you know anything about dogs?” “No.”
So I asked, “then why would you start a website about dogs?”

When you start working on a website you are going to spend many, many hours looking at the same website. You will spend many hours thinking about the industry, coming up with new ideas to make the site better. Choose something you are interested in or you will end up hating your internet business, and that is not good for long term success.

The Second List

The second list “Things I’m Good At” should be of things you are good enough at or know enough about that you could teach other people how to do it. Everyone is good at something. In your life experience you have gained knowledge that not everyone else has. That information can be valuable to other people.

For example it could be how to make rocking chairs, how to replace a variator on a scooter, how to increase your vertical leap etc.

Now that you have this list completed, look at it. These are the industries you should look into when deciding what internet business to start.

I recently spoke with an old friend who called me to tell me he hated his job and wanted the lifestyle I had. (I get these phone calls a lot) I asked him to make this list and since he used to work selling and installing plumbing fixtures I told him one of the things he could put on this list is he knows how to install all types of plumbing products. This is something he could teach other people.

I have a brother that runs a fire restoration company. He has learned the ins and outs of the business and knows what it takes to be successful. He could teach other people about this business.

You will use this list to choose the niche of your website. This list will be the guide as we go out looking for potential websites to buy or a website to start from scratch.

Lookout for step 2 to how we make money online coming soon.

(Adams& Jesse –

Step 2: Evaluating Prospects

July 18, 2009

All right, you should have your list completed from Step 1. Now that you have decided the areas you want pursue we need to find out if there is any money to be made in those industries. For example if collecting donkey socks made your list, there may not be a market for that online right now.

So in order to make sure that all of your internet marketing efforts don’t go to waste we have created a video that explains some of the things we do to evaluate whether there is demand in a certain niche and if it is worth our time to pursue it.

Check out the video below and leave a comment and let us know what you think:

Step 3: Looking for websites to buy

July 18, 2009

All right I have finally decided to post this. I apologize for making you all wait this long but we had very good reasons which I will not go into here. Considering how much you are paying for the info I knew you would understand. 🙂

Now that you have chosen your industry and found out that there is real potential to see if you could make money in that industry, the next step is to go out and find a website that will work for you.

This is when you need to make the decision on whether to buy a website or build one from scratch. In my estimation it is always better to buy an established website rather that build a new one. You let someone else do all of the grunt work and then you step in a make the necessary changes and increase the value of the site quickly.

The only time I would say that it makes sense to build a website from scratch is when you are entering an industry where nobody really knows SEO that well and you are confident that you can quickly enter and move up in the rankings quickly.

The only other reason would be if you look and look and just can’t find a suitable website to buy in that industry and still want to get started.

I have created a video that explains one of the ways we actually go about looking for websites to buy. There are other ways than the one I talk about here but it will give you a good start.

Before I show you the video I need to tell you that we have been contemplating long and hard on whether or not to even continue with this series. We know that some people have begun to abuse the information we have given out and that has disappointed and demotivated us in our efforts to teach others.

The information on internet marketing and website flipping is valid and valuable. We really do want to help others succeed online but there are always those few who ruin it for everyone else.

We have decided to create a Prosperly membership and allow only members to access the video for step 3. The membership is free but we need to be in complete control of who gets access to this free information.

If you still wish to proceed and don’t mind becoming a member at Prosperly then click on the link below:

Flipping Websites – Finding Buyers

July 18, 2009

I know I am jumping ahead in the sequence of how we find a website to buy, fix it up and then sell it but there is information in the middle that we are not ready to share just yet.

People often ask us how we find buyers for the websites we sell. The simple answer to that question is we don’t.

In fact, when we first got started in internet marketing, flipping websites never even entered our brains as a possible business model. It all sort of happened by accident as many new business ideas do.

Our goal was to have 12 websites that all made $300 a day by the end of 2009. That would have been about $1.3 million a year. As we were building up the websites we owned we had people inquire about buying our biggest websites within a two month time span.

We weren’t looking to sell but they really wanted to buy the sites. So after selling the first one and seeing how much we made ($250k) we realized that we were on the right track with the type of websites we were running.

Then as mentioned we received offers for two more of our sites. One buyer wanted both sites. One of these sites was our biggest money maker and we were hesitant at first and then finally conceded to sell. (Keep in mind that at this point flipping websites was not our business model)

Two days before the sale of the websites our big site lost most of its rankings. The buyer backed out with the agreement that if we got the rankings back he would still buy.

That is when we realized that flipping websites was the right business model for us. We saw how quickly the rug could be pulled out from underneath us and realized that selling a website at its peak is the best method. Take a website, fix it up, the site makes money, then you sell for a hearty profit. Repeat.

Why did these people want to buy our sites so bad? Because these sites receive all of their traffic through search engines so we didn’t have to spend money to make money.

Also the sites run themselves (see Prosperly Way). You really can buy one of these and make money without adding much time at all to your work schedule.

You build a good site like this and you will have people asking you to buy. It has happened to us over and over again. We have never put one of our sites on the market and yet we flip websites for a living. Build Prosperly style websites and you will be able to dictate when you sell your websites. (

Google Adsense generated US$1.68 Billion Revenue in 2008

July 18, 2009

Google recorded revenues of $5.52 billion (£3.38 billion) during the second quarter of 2009, a three per cent rise on its earnings for the corresponding period of last year.

The search engine said net income for the three months to the end of June was $1.48 billion, up from $1.25 billion in Q2 2008.

Revenue from Google-owned sites also rose by three per cent year-on-year to $3.65 billion, or 66 per cent of the total.

Meanwhile, partner sites generated revenues of $1.68 billion through the site’s internet marketing service AdSense.

Google saw an increase in the amount of revenue generated from outside the US during the second quarter. The figure climbed to $2.91 billion, representing 53 per cent of total earnings. This is up from 52 per cent of revenues in both the first quarter of 2009 and the second quarter of 2008.

“These results highlight the enduring strength of our business model and our responsible efforts to manage expenses in a way that puts us in a good position for the economic upturn, when it occurs,” said Google chief executive Eric Schmidt.

Recent figures from comScore show Google accounted for 65 per cent of the US search market in June.

News brought to you by ClickThrough – specialists in Search Engine Optimisation and Internet Marketing.

Hello world!

July 17, 2009

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